What to Expect

What to Expect

When you walk through the doors at Harvest Time Assembly we want you to feel welcome. We are truly honored to have people visit us for the first time. First time guests will receive a visitors packet and be asked to fill out a visitor’s card. This card asks for basic contact information to help us follow up with our guests. Once completed, you will receive a “Welcome” gift, just to say thank you for worshipping with us.

Our Worship Style

Harvest Time Assembly is built on the foundation that God is in control and free to move in our services through the Holy Spirit. We have a team of gifted and anointed musicians and singers who do not hesitate to flow with what ever God has planned. The song selections range from contemporary to old School Pentecostal, and every thing in between.

(You can hear more in our service videos by checking out our Archives page)

The congregation is encouraged to enter  into the presence of God through praise and worship. People are free to raise their hands and dance before the Lord. The gifts of the Spirit are often in operation during our times of worship, but always in an orderly manner as we are directed by scripture in 1 Corinthians 14:40.

Bringing Forth of The Word

Our Pastor, Darrell McClaren, has been involved in ministry almost all his life. He started out very young traveling with his parents Boyd and Virgina McClaren as they preached the Word across the country. Later in life he stepped into his own ministry as an evangelist, where he spent 24 years until the Lord called him to Pastor.

Countless hours of prayer and study go into each message that he brings. Pastor Darrell once said, “I don’t  want God to fax me a message, I want to hear from Him personally.” It’s that dedication that he brings to each service.

Pastor Darrell preaches the word, without compromise. His messages are relevant and practical for application today. He constantly challenges his congregation, in a loving way,  to move forward in their walk with the Lord. He believes that you can not challenge someone to change without giving them to tools to work with.

Pastor Darrell is a true Pentecostal preacher. He was raised under the tents with saw dust under his feet. You can count on him to bring forth the Word with fire and passion as he is lead by the  Spirit.

Other Info

Harvest Time Assembly has a “come as you are”  philosophy when it comes to attire. Many choose to wear suits and ties, others dress more casual. We just ask that your dress be appropriate for a place of worship. Our morning worship service starts  at 10:30am and typically lasts around two hours.

During our Sunday morning service we offer the follow programs for children:

  • Nursery for children under 3
  • Tots Class for children 3-5
  • Kids Klub for children ages 6-12

All children programs meet in the downstairs classrooms.